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Watch the latest performance of Debussy and Amy Beach

Jennifer Curtis and West African kora player, Diali Cissokho

Video Credits to Drone Data and Film® Photography based in Hillsborough, NC.  

Musicianship bootcamp

A three part series exploring aspects of musical practices that reinforce knowledge of harmony, expansion of music theory awareness specifically on your instrument, and instrumental technique. Students of all ages are welcome from hobbiests to professionals and you may choose how many sessions per part you would like to have. In person in Chapel Hill North Carolina in a very spacious studio with lots of ventilation, open air and a screened in porch or virtual.

Part one will explore maintence and development: bow technique exercises, understanding the Flesch and Galamian arpeggio series from a harmonic standpoint, as well as exercises to build a deeper sound. How to practice difficult passages from the standard classical cannon; requests honored! This includes major concertos, unaccompanied violin repertoire from Bach to Ysaÿe, to contemporary, orchestral excerpts, chamber music and more.

Part two explores knowledge of harmony and practice of ear training. We will work on an expansion of music theory awareness specifically on your instrument, identify the harmonic progressions present in the arpeggio series of Flesch and Galamian as well as fins passages in standard repertoire that they correlate to.

We will also learn to play 3 and 4 note chords in various inversions suited to your instrument. It is suggested that we have at least two lessons for part two.

Part three will be a culmination of our explorations during part 2. This will include branching out from pre-written chord progressions and doing some improvisation.


We will use Bach as a starting point - from the suites or sonatas and partitas- harmonic analysis, ornamentation. We will also learn how to “take a solo” over basic chord progressions (or complicated ones if you prefer!). I will provide “practice tapes” for you to work with as while becoming comfortable with taking solos and improvising. We will also “jam“ in person. Instruments provided in my studio are guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, drum set and piano; all of which I play and can play with you while doing multi track recordings.

You may also choose a solo from any song from any genre - let me know in advance and I’ll teach you how to play it.

This course can also be adapted for guitarists and mandolin players.
(I play and teach both).

Most of the improvisation will be with the context of pitch and harmony, not really utilizing extended technique unless requested.

If desired, our time together can conclude with a home recording made in my studio.

Forest Trees

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By Kathleen Parker




Curtis’s range as a soloist is a revelation.

The New York Times

Simply stated, this was one of the gutsiest, most individual recital programs I've ever had the privilege to attend.

Classical Voice of North Carolina

Violinist Jennifer Curtis gave a performance so electrifying and powerful that the audience erupted in a rare mid-concert standing ovation when she was done.

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