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Press Quotes

“Grand slam.” - The New York Times


“Simply stated, this was one of the gutsiest, most individual recital programs I've ever had the privilege to attend.” - The New York Times


“Ms. Curtis deftly handled frenetic solos; the ensemble was clearly swept up in her spirit.” - The New York Times


“Fiery technique!” - The New York Times


“Any recital will tell you something about the performer who presents it, but what set Jennifer Curtis apart from the typical recitalist on Saturday evening was just how much she wanted to say about herself and the number of facets she revealed in doing so.” - The New York Times


“Violinist Jennifer Curtis arrived at her Philadelphia recital debut - intriguingly - with the world-weariness of the young and the committed, as if she'd been out all day protesting something important.” - The Philadelphia Inquirer


“She was eyeball-to-eyeball with Brahms' Violin Sonata No. 1 (Op. 78) in a startlingly authoritative performance that took you deep inside the piece. Most performances have the big moments, but Curtis' structural understanding created a keen through-line, often via intense treatment of secondary voices, not by imposing a sweeping, Wagnerian sense of line onto the piece.” -  The Philadelphia Inquirer


“...She's a big personality, and has a deep, open, honest sound...” - The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Inventive and quite fascinating… powerful tone.” - New York Concert Review

“Violinist Jennifer Curtis gave a performance so electrifying and powerful that the audience erupted in a rare mid-concert standing ovation when she was done.” - Classical Voice of North Carolina

“Remarkable.” - Times Union, Albany, NY

“Curtis’s range as a soloist is a revelation” -


New York Times, 2009
New York Times, 2009



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